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After entrusting my Mother's post amputation care to another prosthetist for 13 years I noticed over the last 4 years a growing indifference. I had taken my Mother many times because just putting her prosthetic on caused her unbearable pain. I decided enough was enough and fired her prosthetist.

After checking my Mother's provider list from her Medicare Program I spotted Shields. They were not the closest to our house, but I got a good feeling. I called and explained my Mother's situation. They immediately scheduled her an appointment. They were so kind and caring from the moment we walked through the door. They went the extra mile when it came to assisting me in getting the new prosthesis approved through Medicare. They even had a cancellation at the last minute and called us to ask if we would like to go in that day.

The professionalism, care, sincere kindness, humor, and love each and every one of Shields’ employees have shown us exemplifies how a business should be run and the standard of care every patient should receive.

I can't begin to express how deeply appreciative I am to Shields and to anyone else using another prosthetist, yours may be good, but Shields is better. I recommend them whole-heartedly to anyone who has need of a prosthetist or an orthotist. There is no better care, anywhere. I hope you will post this on your site as an example of an overly satisfied customer and I recommend them to everyone!!!!

Thank You!!

If you are a patient of ours with any comments or a success story you'd like to share, please contact us!

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