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This is my story, but it could be yours or anyones - David

DavidI am a retired California Police Officer, I moved to Utah to find a new life and inner peace. I had been through some ugly things in Los Angeles.

I ended up losing everything that mattered to me because of my own selfishness, self-pity and negative attitude towards life. Then I found myself with “Adult on-set Type II diabetes,” an insidious disease that destroys your body a little at a time.

I began to suffer extreme weight gain, then vision problems, detached retina in both eyes, invitro-hemorrhaging, then a fall which broke several brittle bones in my foot - which led to infection in my leg, partial amputation of my foot then, later, my leg just below the kneeDavid leaving a wound that would not heal for nine months.

My family asked me, “How much more are you going to lose before you stop feeling sorry for yourself and fight back?” I was close to being suicidal, shaking my fist at God and begging in prayer for death. Yes, I contemplated suicide the most selfish and cowardly act of all. When death didn’t come I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and do something about my situation. I needed to take some drastic measures to change my situation. So I started by losing weight. Diets at first then finally Gastric bypass surgery.

DavidAlthough it took nine months for the wound on my leg to heal and I to lose the necessary weight, I was then ready to get a prosthetic leg. Shields helped me with the proper fitting I used crutches at first, then a walker, and then a cane, and with their (Shields) assistance I began to walk every day, sometimesDavid falling and sometimes stumbling. Then I began to walk as I had before the amputation, without any assistance. I would take short walks everyday.

Here at Shields, they (Mike) would help me with fitting problems, adjustments, and restyling of my prosthesis until it fit my needs. During this time I began to live again.

I regained my life, my mobility, and my self-respect. Here are some pictures of my journey. I put this notebook together to help you. If Mike has given you this notebook to read it is because he thinks my story might help you gain your own story. And why not? You can do it - all it takes is “Heart”.

DavidIf you want it – seek it – you will find when you do many people will step up to help you on your own journey. It’s called “Providence” a slew of issues which arise from your decision to help yourself that otherwise may never have occurred.

People who otherwise may have turned their back to you now reach out because they see you fighting and instinctively they want to help and doors open that were once closed. It just takes a decision to stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop looking at yourself as a victim and reach deep down inside and give it your “Heart.”

Everyday be positive – think something positive – Positive begets Positive (Just as negative begets negative). So don’t let those negative thoughts linger in your mind; they are natural and easy to think but therein lay the fight. People like to be around happy positive people, it rubs off. People instinctively avoid negative people, it rubs off, too, and nobody likes the feeling.

David Today I am a happy guy and I give thanks everyday in prayer for the wonderful people at Shields, my family and friends. I have managed a law firm for the past 15 years and today I am headed to Kanab, Utah, to become a Justice Court Judge. Most people I meet have no idea I am missing a leg or that I had a terrible 3 year ordeal to get back on my feet. And why should they, I only write this now to give you hope and encouragement. DON’T GIVE UP OR GIVE IN TO DEPRESSION.” There is still life out there - go out and find yours. It begins by drying your eyes and making a decision to move forward and not look back. It’s all up to you and your “Heart”.



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