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Upper & Lower Extremity Prosthetics


Shields O&P has been specializing in upper and lower extremity prosthetics since 1965. Over the past 45 years we have solved many unique fitting problems, and provided comfort to patients who have never known comfort before. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between disability and normal life. We are committed to providing the most technologically advanced prosthetic care available through our highly trained and skilled practitioners.


Our professional staff members have spent years obtaining their education, achieving personal certification, expanding their knowledge by attending continuing education programs, and obtaining the invaluable lessons that over 45 years of experience as practitioners has taught us. All professional staff members are board certified by The American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics.

Patient Care

Patients are accepted with a physician’s referral and a prescription. Our staff is readily available for consultation with the referring physician. We are 100% committed to listening and responding to the needs of our patients and their referring sources. We are able to provide top quality services and technology, while respecting the needs for cost containment.

Throughout the course of fitting, fabrication, and final delivery of the prosthesis, our patients receive an extensive, detailed education on the use and care of the prosthesis, along with information on personal care and hygiene of their residual limb.


Because everyone’s prosthetic needs vary, all patients are evaluated individually. During this evaluation the type of fit, suspension, and componentry to be used in the fabrication of your prosthesis are selected. It is our belief that designing a prosthesis must be a collaborative effort involving input from all members of our professional team and you the patient. We are here to make recommendations in regards to the choices we feel may be best for you and your lifestyle; but as the patient, you ultimately have the final say in regards to the design of your prosthesis. Your input as a patient is welcomed, encouraged, and accepted.

Fit and Comfort for Function and Patient Satisfaction

A prosthesis is only as good as it fits. Our practitioners receive extensive training in anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics. This training is essential to select or design and fabricate a prosthesis that will provide the desired function, while assuring the most intimate and comfortable fit possible. Our practitioners will listen to and work closely with the patient during the fitting and alignment process, making any necessary modifications to fulfill our commitment to assure the prosthesis provides optimum comfort and function.

What Makes Shields Different?

Our below knee amputees are all cast without any type of gel liner. This allows us to shape the prosthetic socket in a manner that will stabilize the bony anatomy of your residual limb within the socket shape. While being more difficult to manufacture, customizing a prosthesis in this manner offers greatly improved stability; as the design of our socket resists rotation. If we were to use gel during the casting process, as is commonly practiced within the industry, the bony anatomy is greatly muted and the level of achievable stability is less in proportion to the thickness of the gel used. It is our belief that gel should only be used for comfort, not to simplify the fitting process. We only add gel liners as a means of comfort after the casting and fitting processes have been completed.

Bionic Technology

We have always made it a point to keep current with technology. We are able to offer newer prosthetic devices utilizing bionic technology such as the Ottobock C-Leg, Ottobock Compact, Trulife Power Knee, Freedom Plié Knee, Ossur Rheo Knee, Ossur Proprio Foot, Ossur Power Knee, Endolite Smart Adaptive Knee, Endolite Echelon Foot, Motion Control Motion Foot, as well as the Motion Control Utah Arm to suitable candidates.

Team Model & Patient Communication

We believe in utilizing a team approach for optimum rehabilitation. The professional staff of three prosthetists and one physical therapist function as a team to provide you with the combined experience, skills and insights of all team members in order to offer you the socket configuration, alignment and componentry that is most comfortable and best suits your needs. Since all members of the team will be working with you, we are in a position to provide continuous care for you during periods of personal leave time by our staff. Throughout the rehabilitation program we will provide updates to all allied health professionals regarding the services involved in the patient’s care.

Facility & In House Fabrication

Our newly constructed Salt Lake City facility was custom built specifically to serve the individual needs of our patients. All fabrication is performed in house. In house fabrication gives us the capability to design and fabricate a solution best suited to each patient's needs, while allowing complete quality control. In house fabrication also improves delivery times while minimizing visits to our facility.

Follow Up

Follow up care is an important component of our patient rehabilitation program. We recommend regularly scheduled follow up visits after delivery of the prosthesis to ensure that the prosthesis is fitting and functioning properly, that necessary personal care and device maintenance procedures are being followed, and that the patient is obtaining maximum benefit from the treatment program.


In summary, we have been providing prosthetic care for over 45 years with the facility, staff, and expertise to provide you with the best prosthetic fit, alignment, technology, and service available. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to setup a free consultation. We look forward to having the opportunity of providing your prosthetic care!

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