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Shields Scoliosis Orthosis (TLSO)

Patient A Before Treatment:

Patient A In Brace:

Patient B Before Treatment:

Patient B In Brace:

** These images were selected to demonstrate the improvements we have seen under ideal circumstances.
They are in no way intended to represent a guarantee of improvement. **

Juvenile and adolescent idiopathic scoliosis are medical conditions in which a person's spine is curved from side to side. It is most common in females, and often presents itself, or worsens, prior to or during the adolescent growth spurt.

Shields O&P has been fitting scoliosis orthoses since the 1960s, having treated well over a thousand patients. We have gained a vast amount of experience during this time utilizing such scoliosis orthoses as the Milwaukee Brace, Boston Brace, Charleston Bending Brace, and the SpineCor Brace. This experience has led to the development of our own proprietary scoliosis treatment program.

Rather than use an off the shelf type of orthosis that has been made for no one particular individual, we cast each individual patient. This allows us to obtain maximal correction for each patient’s unique scoliosis curvature, while providing an exact fit for their body shape. The obtained model of the patient is then modified to our specifications, and the orthosis is then manufactured from this model. Both of these processes are performed in our facility, giving us complete quality control of the entire process.

When the patient returns for the fitting of the orthosis, he or she is instructed how to put on and care for the orthosis. An emphasis is placed on body positioning and awareness at this time. The patient is instructed in how to use his or her spinal musculature to conform to the shape of the brace, which is designed to reduce his or her scoliotic curve(s). The best potential outcomes are achieved with patients who actively work with their orthosis and maintain a positive attitude towards the bracing program.

Scoliois Brace:


Out of Brace:

In Brace:

Our braces are designed so that they may be worn under everyday clothing and are barely noticeable, as demonstrated by the photos above.

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